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Viscerama Magazine is now accepting submissions from young Michigan creatives! That means you could see your words or art in our next issue. Below you'll find our submission guidelines to help you on your journey. We can't wait to read, cherish, and potentially publish your work!

Here's the deal: We are accepting submissions from middle and high school students (or under 20 y/o) that reside in the state of Michigan. If you fit this description, we want your work!

Art: Give us those back-of-a-receipt doodles, drawings from the margins, finger paintings, sharpie marker scribbles, magazine clipping collages, and accidental art. We prefer .jpg or .png files. If possible, please provide a scan of the art. Scanning apps are available for most smartphones. 

Poetry: If you're asking yourself if something is a poem--yes, absolutely! We believe that absolutely anything can be a poem. We prefer .doc, .pdf, and Google Doc files.

Prose: We take nonfiction, flash fiction, essays, memoirs, stories, recipes, love letters, and anything in between. Send us up to 2000 words of your wonderful ramblings. We prefer .doc, .pdf, and Google Doc files.

To submit your work, please fill out the following Google Doc:

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